Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ApnaJugaad?
    ApnaJugaad is a portal where users can buy or sell services and products of Industrial nature. The site primarily operates on an auction methodology where multiple parties bid to tenders floated on the website.
  • Who is a Client?
    CLIENTS : Users or Companies who for their own business float tenders, collect offers, create and conduct auctions on ApnaJugaad.
  • Who is a Vendor?
    VENDORS: Companies who respond to the tenders with offers. The Vendors then participate in the auction floated by the Clients to get the order on ApnaJugaad.
  • What is Reverse Auction?
    REVERSE AUCTION : Any auction created by the Client to buy products, spares, services etc. The Vendors participate by invitation and bid to become lowest bidders. The lowest bidder eventually picks up the Client orders. In this auction, the Vendor sells and the Client buys.
  • What is Forward Auction?
    FORWARD AUCTION: Any auction created by the Client to sell their products, byproducts, waste etc. The Vendors participate by invitation and compete to be the highest bidders. The highest bidder eventually buys the Client's products. In this auction, the Clients sells and the Vendors buy.
  • Whom to contact for help?
    For any help, you should contact at email ID
  • Why register?
    To conduct any transaction on ApnaJugaad, you will need a Login ID and Password. To do so you need to register with all yourcredentials. Once your register and provide us information on your interest areas, you will be informed in real time about any query or requirement that any registered buyer or seller may have.
  • What is the mandatory information required for Registration?
    Company Name Address,Country,State,City Mobile Number,Email
  • What happens to my (Auctioneer) information that I provide during registration?
    This information is shared with the vendor for onward communication with you and also it will be used for other prospective seller to contact you through ApnaJugaad
  • What happens to my (Vendor) information that is provided during auction.. like rate quoted etc?
    This data is not shared with any other except the client who has conducted this auction. However, this may be used for ApnaJUgaad MIS purpose for improvement and analysis purpose for other registered clients / sellers of apnajugaad. However, strict confidentiality will be maintained.
  • Where I (Vendor) can get all tenders and auction so far?
    On the home page, you can see the tenders so far (for last 30 Days ). Registered users can get detailed data after they login.
  • How can I improve my participation?
    Participate in maximum auctions / tenders etc.
  • Basic IT Requirement for using ApnaJugaad portal?
    I) Internet Speed with 256 KBPS dedicated bandwith
    II) This Site is Best Compatible with Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome Browser